About Talent42

The National Tech Recruiting Conference

Talent42 is a one-of-a-kind conference, 100% focused on tech recruiting. The idea for Talent42 came from the team at Recruiting Toolbox, who are former tech recruiting leaders from companies like Amazon, Yahoo!, and Expedia, and regular conference speakers. And they obviously hit the mark. These conferences get rave reviews from tech recruiters, leaders and sourcers – and even hiring managers! – who participate to share and learn about software engineering recruiting best practices. Some of our participants come from large well-known corporations, others represent small, startup firms or agencies looking for the secrets to finding, interviewing, selecting, and selling world class technology talent. Regardless of where they came from or how many years experience they had, a whopping 96% of participants rated Talent42 as “awesomely excellent” or “great” and 86% said they would definitely attend the next Talent42.

Part Training. Part Conference

For 2018, we are busy gathering another fantastic line-up of speakers, with a combination of engineering leaders, talent leaders, trainers, and hands-on tech sourcers. From big brands to startups. All in a conference that’s designed to arm you with practical, how-to strategies and techniques to help you attract, recruit, and hire world class software engineering talent when you get back to your desk.  Check out a list of some of the companies that send their teams to Talent42.

It won't suck.

Many conferences are designed with the generalist recruiter or HR rep in mind, and sometimes tries to cover everything a beginner would need to know.  Not Talent42.  We assume that you’re experienced, that you’re good at your job, and that you know the basics of tech sourcing and recruiting already.  We work closely with each speaker to ensure that every session enlightens and inspires and delivers insights, strategies, and how-to information that helps you recruit better.  Check out our working agenda here to see the potential speakers and trainers we gathering for this year.

3 Big Ideas I heard at the Talent42 Conference

– LinkedIn Talent Blog

A few weeks back I ventured to my first tech recruiter conference — Talent42. They created an engaging and personal experience where every single recruiter in the audience had the opportunity to voice her ideas…

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#Talent 42 a Tech Conference for Recruiters by Recruiters

-Recruiting Daily

If you know me, not that it matters, you would know that I have never been a fan of conferences. None. I saw zero add other than draining my customers or my bank account…

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Talent42 Keynote: Building Talent Pipelines

-Boolean Black Belt

In theory, building a talent “pipeline” sounds like an ideal strategy, ensuring that you always have a steady supply of the talent you’re looking for…

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The Talent42 Theme Song!

One of our regular speakers, Mark Tortorici, rocks. Literally. He created a theme song for our first Talent42 back in 2012, and updated it for 2017. Who has a theme song for a conference? WE DO! Careful, though! Once you hear this song, it gets stuck in your head.


John Vlastelica
Co-founder and MC, Talent42


Carmen Hudson
Co-founder, Talent42


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Event Manager